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Why buy new?????? We have the largest selection of high quality used tires in Loveland!  Our used tires are generally less than 50% the cost of new.  They go through a rigorous test to make sure that they are fit for the road.  They are quality tested and tread depth measured to ensure that they are safe for your vehicle.

There are hundreds of millions of tires disposed of every year.  By driving on our high quality used tires, you are doing your part to help keep those tires our of the landfill and thus helping the environment. 

The safety of you and your vehicle is our top priority.  We safety check each tire and if it doesn't meet our strict safety standards, it is either used to make retreads or recycled at one of Colorado's many recycling facilities. 

Do to the nature of our used tire business, our stock is constantly changing and we are weekly filtering in new stock of these superior quality used tires.  We do take tires on consignment and are also willing to purchase used tires if you have some you are wanting to sell. 

Please call us at 970-669-6692 or email us at info@tkotire.com to check and see what we have in your size.  If we don't have it in stock today, we get deliveries every Friday and are able to get just about anything you are looking for with in one week!  Before you buy new, we encourage you to come and look at the quality, selection and pricing of our used tires.  You will be amazed at what you find and may end up saving yourself A LOT of money and helping out in our recycling efforts at the same time!