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There are some common misconceptions regarding retread tires.  They are actually a very budget friendly and evironmentally responsible way to get tires for your vehicle.  Let's address a couple of these first and then look at why these tires may be a perfect choice for you!

Myth: Retreaded tires are not as safe as new tires

Fact: Statistics in studies performed by the Department of Transportation show that nearly ALL tires in tire related accidents are due to underinflation or lack of tread.  The percentage of retreads involved in tire related accidents when adjusted to the amount on the road is almost exactly the same as new tires!

Myth: The rubber I see on the road comes from retreaded tires.

Fact: Multiple federal and state studies have shown that the rubber on the roads from tires is actually mainly caused by tire abuse, overload or underinflation.  Retread and new have little difference in the percentage of debri in relation to the percentage on the road.

Other facts about retreading include the fact that retreads are green.  They save millions of gallons of oil in production and reduce waste in landfills.  Retread cost less to manufacture and thus cost less to consumers.  Usually 30% to 50% less!  Some question the safety of retreads, but are likely unaware of the fact that all commercial airlines, many school buses, fire engines, ambulances and post office vehicles drive every day on retreaded tires.

For more information on the safety and the value you can find in retread tires, please visit this webiste www.retread.org.

We carry many sizes of light truck retreads perfect for your personal vehicle or for your business fleet.  We also carry a large selection of 4x4 and off-road mud terrain tires.  Theses tires carry a warranty just like a new tire!  Please call us or stop by to get a price quote and more information on these tires.